"Hell In The Hallway "

The hallway. We have all been there after experiencing a major disappointment like a relationship break up, divorce, job firing, or the death of loved one. It can be the loneliest place in the world. But for me, that place of transition, terror, and uncomfortable change is always a source of incubation and healing. I have learned there is a gift wrapped inside of every adversity and, if you have faith and hope, you can lose everything and still survive. Resentments will eat you alive, but forgiving the one person you can't, will transform you both. Hell In The Hallway is dedicated to everyone who has ever been, is, or will be, in the hallway.

"Denial Is Not A River in Egypt "

Written and Edited by Sandi Bachom, Illustrated by Don Ross

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"The Wrath of Grapes"

Packed with: Recovery, Insight, and Humor
Written and Edited by Sandi Bachom