I Was There For Trump’s ‘FAKE ORGASM’ as 20K MAGAs Boo Press @ Minnesota Rally 10/10/19

Trump ridicules FBI agents at Trump rally in Minneapolis

Trump’s Campaign Manager Paul Manafort Perp Walk Manhattan Criminal Court 6/27/19

Donald Trump’s Lawyer Michael Cohen Perp Walk 5/6/19

Trump Protest Trump International Hotel 2/15/19

‘ARREST TRUMP’ Protest – The State Of The Union Is A State Of Disgrace 2/5/19

Far Right Proud Boys Violent Brawl On Upper East Side of New York

In October of 2018 after leaving the Republican Club, a violent street brawl broke out with antifa and Proud Boys.  After a trial, two were sentenced to 4 years in jail.

Confront Trump Corruption Rally Times Square 7/18/18

Protest At Trump Tower Against Kavanaugh SCOTUS Appointment 7/9/18

New Yorkers Protest Trump Ice Rink 2/19/18


On August 12, 2017 I heard there was going to be the largest gathering on white supremacists in the country. I took my last $300 and a bus to Charlottesville.  I filmed David Duke and James Fields all day chanting ‘Jews will not replace us’

Trump Guests Arrive At Intrepid 5/4/17

TAX MARCH 45K Demand Release Of Taxes 4/15/17