Broadway Sondheim Tribute Cast Members Sing ‘Sunday’ From ‘Sunday In The Park With George’

Mariachis Serenade Lawyers Apartment Who Made Viral Racist Rant 5/18/18

The Original Mad Men of Y&R: In Which Denny and Henry Go To Europe 2013

Original Mad Men and Women Y&R Reunion Lunch 2010

The Original Mad Men and Women Y&R Reunion Lunch 2009

Original Mad Men and Women On A Train Y&R Stories 2013

Steve Frankfurt The Original Mad Man With A Mel Brooks Story

Annual Opening Night of the Metropolitan Opera Free Jumbotron Concert in Times Square 9/23/19

annual free concert in Times Square

JOHN DUDDY: SHADOW BOXER in New York Winner Best Short 2012 Shadow Boxer Film Festival

“I am leaving I am leaving, but the fighter still remains. Boxing world was shocked this month when Ireland’s John Duddy, “The Derry Destroyer” retired from boxing!

SEAMUS McDONAGH Winner Best Short 2012 Shadow Boxer Film Festival

I met Seamus on a street corner in NYC he pulled a picture from his back pocket. ‘This is me knockin the lunch out of Holyfield’

I did a series of short films on him, this won Festival for Best Shorts

BEST Time of Day NYC: Frontline Workers Thank Each Other @ NYU Langone During Pandemic 4/30/20

At 7pm every night, people hang out their windows, cheer and clap to thank frontline workers, today FDNY blares siren and applaud nurses, EMT and doctors at NYU Langone Hospital while playing “New York New York” on a boom box. We all laugh and cry. It’s so beautiful

For David Horowitz Beginning of Pandemic lockdown New York 4/27/20

As the pandemic raged, New York went into lockdown, I used a beautiful piece of music written by David Horowitz who had just died of Covid