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View From The Insurrection: A Journalist’s Eyewitness Timeline Of The Jan 6 Capitol Attack 1/6/21

TRUMP ORG CFO Allen Weisselberg Perp Walk 7/1/21

New York AG Tish James and Manhattan DA Cyrus Vance Jr follow Weissleberg into court for arraignment after i15 count indictment

Journalist Sandi Bachom on Covering the Attack on the U.S. Capitol 1/6/21

I spent 8 hours at the Capitol insurrection. Our NowThis video has 4.7 million views

Proud Boys Meet At Washington Monument at 10am Walk Toward Capitol

Proud Boys meet at Washington Monument at 10am on January 6 and march to the Capitol

‘Mike Pence Didn’t Have The Courage’ Insurrectionist Reads Trump’s Tweet 1/6/21

At 4:10pm and insurrectionist with a bullhorn reads Trump’s tweet.

“Mike Pence didn’t have the courage to do what should have been done to protect our Country and our Constitution”

My¬† video was read into the Congressional record during Trump’s impeachment trial.

Man Announces “Mayor Bowser Wanted To Send In the National Guard, The Defense Dept Said ‘No Thank You’ 1/6/21

During the insurrection at 4:20pm, man with a bullhorn announces the Dept of Defense said ‘No thank you’ to the National Guard

Trump Rally Turns Violent At March For Trump Rally DC 12/12/20

Second Stop the Steal rally in DC December 12, 2020

Anti-Lockdown Protesters Insist Trump Really Won 12/8/20

MAGA Trump supporters gather at Rockefeller Center to falsely declare Trump really won the election.

Anti-Lockdown Staten Island Bar Draws Massive Supporters At Rally 12/4/20

March For Trump Washington DC 11/14/20

First Stop the Steal rally was November 14, 2020

Proud Boys Rally in Portland – Free Kyle Rittenhouse | NowThis 10/7/20

Proud Boys rally in Portland Oregon to free Kyle Rittenhouse

Trump Supporters ‘Why They Love Him’ HERSHEY PENNSYLVANIA RALLY 6/20/20 (21 Million Views)

I went to the Trump rally in Hershey Pennsylvania and asked they why they love Trump