Auschwitz Exhibit Museum of Jewish Heritage

Holocaust Survivors Celebrate 75-Year Marriage With Covid-19 Vaccines 3/7/21

‘God wanted us to be around, so He saved us’ — These Holocaust survivors celebrated 75 years of marriage by getting their COVID-19 vaccines.

I Asked A Holocaust Survivor About Charlottesville 11/5/18

When I got back from Charlottesville I asked a Holocaust survivor friend what he thought ‘Jews Will Not Replace Us’ meant

’10 Numbers Apart’ Holocaust Survivors Werner & Walter Tattooed in Auschwitz Same Day 11/12/17

Two Holocaust survivors meet 72 years later after being tattooed 10 numbers apart when they arrived in Auschwitz on the same day in 1944.

93 Yr Old Holocaust Survivor Helena Weinrauch Dances Tango @ Manhattan Ballroom Dance 10/15/17

I filmed Helena’s story and then she went dancing

Amazing Story: Auschwitz Prisoners in 1944 w/Tattoos 10 Numbers Apart Meet For First Time 6/4/17

Werner and Walter arrived at Auschwitz on the same day in 1944 and were tattooed 10 numbers apart and didn’t meet for the first time till 72 years later.

Holocaust Survivor on Donald Trump’s Immigration Policy 8/31/16

I asked my friend Werner what he thought of Trump’s immigration policy

“TELLING JOKES IN AUSCHWITZ” Holocaust Survivor WERNER REICH “Life Spared By A Bad Joke” 10/21/11

LAST EYEWITNESS PROJECT: Holocaust Survivors to teens “message for next generation” 7/20/11

100 Holocaust survivors in Newport Beach meet with teenagers to share their stories

70 Holocaust Survivors “The Last Eyewitness Project” meet TEENS in Newport Beach 7/20/11

Werner and “THE GREAT NIVELLI” Magician of The Holocaust! Amazing coincidence! 7/22/09